Custom & Prototype

Spring Design for Custom & Prototype Springs

We have the capability to coil, loop, bend, form, heat set, assemble, stamp, temper, punch and weld as required to produce all types of springs, including semi and full-elliptic leaf springs and precise specialty springs. We also offer a wide variety of manufacturing materials and optional protective coatings.

Spring Manufacturing Materials

  • Music wire
  • Oil tempered MB Wire
  • Hard Drawn MB Wire
  • Chrome Cadmium Wire
  • Chrome Silicon
  • Hot-rolled carbon spring steel
  • Hot-rolled chromium spring steel
  • Stainless steel wire
  • Phosphor bronze spring wire
  • Spring brass wire

Spring Protective Coatings

  • Cadmium plate
  • Zinc plate
  • Black Japan
  • Rustproof dip or spray
  • Phosphate

To ensure custom springs are produced to your exact specifications, our design and prototype service includes six steps:

  1. Gather client requirements or provide reverse engineering services based on sample
  2. Fabricate prototype or other custom item
  3. Refine prototype and suggest best options for production and parts until client approval received
  4. Document manufacturing procedure, including parts required, assembly procedure, and keep on file
  5. Begin productions
  6. Deliver product

Contact us to begin work on your custom spring design.